The Hummingbird Carbon Project

Transforming the agriculture industry

Hummingbird Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence business that provides advanced crop analytics to its customers by using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms applied to remote sensing captured imagery.

Our expertise allows our customers: to increase their yields, optimise chemical inputs, farm more sustainably and make earlier, more informed decisions.

By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, our mission is to improve the efficiency of global crop production, and to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.

We are backed by some of the biggest names in Agriculture, Technology, Science and Venture Capital

Hummingbird has received funding from The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.


Actionable data within 24 hours

Through our web and mobile platform we make crop specific analyses and application maps available to our customers within 24 hours.

“Across the UK there is a wealth of innovative start-ups redefining what it means to be a farmer or a land manager, and how to farm effectively and sustainably. One company, Hummingbird Technologies uses crop mapping to identify problems in drainage, compaction, nutrition, weeds and pests before they become devastating, and it can pre-emptively detect the presence of particular diseases like potato blight and blackgrass.”

Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Analysis and Learning

Custom-built, cutting-edge technology

Delivering advanced insights on crop health

Tailored to the exact needs of the farmer

What sets our technology apart?

We are crop specific

We are data collection agnostic

We use imagery from multiple sources – UAV, satellites, planes

We use advanced machine learning

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