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Fly for Hummingbird

Supplied with the right equipment and adhering to local regulations you will be able to perform flights for our customers providing high resolution imagery for the future of farming.

What is required of our Drone Partners?

Here are the steps to become a professional, licensed drone operator in agriculture for Hummingbird Technologies:

A. Drone Pilot License

Hummingbird Technologies strictly follows the legal requirements of each country with drone laws. We only work with fully certified and licensed Drone Operators according to legal requirements of your country. The majority of countries will require you to pass a theoretical and practical test to prove your abilities.

B. Your Gear

We use a variety of fixed wing and rotary platforms. Our platform accepts data from a list of different sensors. We recommend approaching the resellers in your geography to secure appropriate technical support. If you have any questions about purchasing the right hardware, contact [email protected]

C. Insurance

It’s important to be fully insured in case your drone crashes, gets damaged or even stolen. Mistakes can happen and you want to make sure you’re protected if they do.

D. Interview

You’ve got all the gear, insurance and you’re ready to start flying. Let’s have a conversation to bring you onboard!

E. Welcome to the future of farming

We will officially onboard you as a Partner, provide you with all necessary documents and ask you to sign-our reseller agreement or anything specific to your geography (if applicable). Now you are ready to work with Hummingbird.