Hummingbird Technologies – Brazil


An agriculture focused data analytics company that uses imagery derived from satellite and UAV technologies to deliver high value and informative insights to farmers and other stakeholders across the farming ecosystem.

By employing artificial intelligence and integrating weather, soil and historic farm data, we work with some of the world’s leading farmers to improve yields and help optimize chemical input applications while saving time and improving both profits and their environmental footprint.

Our History

Founded in 2016 by CEO Will Wells in the United Kingdom, Hummingbird Technologies has grown to nearly 70 agriculture professionals in 4 continents.

The company is backed by some of the leading global agriculture companies, including BASF, SALIC, and TELUS Ventures.

Headquartered in London, England, the company also has local teams on the ground in the following geographies:

  United Kingdom | Canada | USA | Brazil | Ukraine | Russia | Australia

Our Products

Hummingbird has developed a suite of agriculture products tailored for different crops and different regions globally. In addition to satellite-based vegetation indices, the company has developed proprietary variable rate applications such as:


Crop Variability


Variable Rate Nitrogen

Pre-emergence Weed Mapping

Post-emergence Weed Mapping

Plant Population counting

Potato Desiccation

Gap Detection

Crop Row Reconstruction


Canopy Coverage

Crop Classification



Optimize input costs via variable rate/precision application

Save time managing large fields in near real time

Improve environmental footprint

Optimize marketing and hedging decisions

Retailers / B2B

Optimize and increase product sales

Differentiation and value add with existing and future customer base

Quantify and validate the efficacy of product(s)

Help customers improve application precision


“Hummingbird’s platform is intuitive, easy to use and accessible on both my computer and phone when I’m field walking.”


“With Hummingbird we are farming to potential, not hope.”


Download our deck for more information about Hummingbird in Brazil

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