Our Platform

Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to make intelligent decisions with data provided to you in less than 24 hours, providing the tools to drive the next generation of precision agriculture.

Developed by our expert team of agronomists, software engineers and big data experts.
Our technology is backed by large agri-businesses and leading academic universities.
Once a flight has taken place, our algorithms work behind the scenes to deliver exceptional insights into crop health and decipher hidden patterns in a field.

Advanced crop analytics that learn.

Solutions driven by machine learning and intelligent forecasting.


Benefits of using our technology:

We provide actionable intelligence that is ready to view on mobile and web-based platforms just 24 hours post flight. By reducing the need for manual, point-to-point data collection, we can save you time and money by enabling a targeted response once a crop issue is identified.

Continual updates of the weather and yield allows for real time analysis and fast reactions to changing conditions, so an appropriate course of action can be taken. We collect data via multiple flights throughout the year, then superimpose historic data into the system, which means trends can be mapped over time so more accurate analysis is produced – allowing actions and their subsequent results to be monitored.

Actionable intelligence, ready to view on our mobile and web-based platforms just 24 hours post flight

Our range of crop management tools, which provide detailed insight into how crops are growing to make more informed input decisions on crop health to enable precision agriculture and accuracy in yield forecasting. Our platform has been developed to target your needs, with a mobile app that supports crop walking alongside a website containing downloadable maps at the click of a button.

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