The Process

How it works?

Hummingbird is a remote sensing and artificial intelligence business. We gather imagery of arable fields from satellites, planes and UAVs and then analyse it using sophisticated machine learning techniques. From this, we create detailed insights that are crop specific, and application maps that provide actionable information to farmers and agronomists – enabling targeted applications within 24 hours.

What this achieves

Our actionable data allows farmers and agronomists to make decisions that lead to increase yields, optimised chemical inputs and ultimately farm in a more sustainable manner. By enabling earlier, more informed input decisions, profit margins can be protected by ensuring the right applications, to the right areas of the field at precisely the right time.

The Crops

We analyse crops within our portfolio wherever they grow in the world.

Our core competencies lie in cereals, oilseed (OSR & Canola), potatoes, sugar beet, soybean and sunflowers and we have offices in Australia, Ukraine, Brazil and the UK.

The Platform

Developed by our expert team of agronomists, software engineers and big data experts.

Our technology is backed by large agri-businesses and leading academic universities.

Once a flight has taken place, our algorithms work behind the scenes to deliver exceptional insights into crop health and decipher hidden patterns in a field.

Our range of crop management tools, which provide detailed insight into how crops are growing to make more informed input decisions on crop health to enable precision agriculture and accuracy in yield forecasting. Our platform has been developed to target your needs, with a mobile app that supports crop walking alongside a website containing downloadable maps at the click of a button.

Get in Touch

To arrange your free demo, or to learn more about how Hummingbird can help your business get in touch now.


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